Currently I am looking for

I am looking for an internship in which I will spend 20 weeks learning the ins and outs of working at a company in the role as game developer. As part of the internship, I will be working on an assignment to develop a digital and interactive product for that company.

If you have an internship available within your company, please send me an email on

Have you ever had the experience that you felt completely empty after a long day in the office? Or do you have the feeling that your work asks more from you than you can give?

Society is slowly acknowledging that hard work may not always be very healthy. There have been many reports of people quitting their jobs because they feel unhappy. However, you can ask yourself if quitting your job would solve the problem. Is there not some way that you could correct your behavior at work so that you can find new reasons to be happy about it?

One of the general problems of people who would just quit their job is that they have forgotten to take regular breaks from their work. They forgot to take the time to take their minds off from constantly answering the demands from their environments.

The BreakLet is a tool that reminds these people to take regular breaks.

The Project

As part of my studies, I had chosen to follow the Designfull Innovation program at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. I was interested in upping my Design skills, as I felt reasonable comfortable with my programmer skills already. This minor was all about creating a meaningful design for 1 billion people. The BreakLet is the result that I came up with.

From the minor I have learned that I prefer being a programmer than a designer, even though I can do both roles. Sometimes I am a little bit too logical to be a designer. This can be good in some parts of the design process, but I discovered that it hinders in others.



Reframe & Envision


Charles comes from a family of thieves. One day his elder brother, James, returns home injured, for he was almost caught stealing one of the 32 royal chess pieces. Charles laughs, but is then told that the chess pieces are the most guarded treasures in the kingdom. Charles then decides to steal the gems himself without being seen, to prove his brother that he is the better thief. And thus, begins the adventure.

The Project

For 6 weeks I worked on the level design of the game Chess Theft. The purpose of doing this was to learn how to create a level design. For this project I created a Game Design Document and I build one of the designed levels in Unity.

The project gave me the opportunity to discover my skills as a designer. From this project I learned that I have a few more design skills than I had originally believed. One of my hobbies is writing stories, and through that hobby I know how to organize levels to build to the climax of the game.

This project has also thought me of my preparation for building other levels of a game. I had to build only one level, but I made the inventory and other scripts in such a way that they could be used for the other levels in the future. I am thus aware what the needs could be in the future.


Code: Guard movements

Code: Pick up quest item

Design Document

Catiators is a top-down competitive multi-player battle arena game where you can play as a variety of feline warriors. Pick from one of four classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and fight it out with up to three friends in the arena featuring dangerous traps and helpful items. Knowing when to fight and when to flee is the key to survive in this action packed multi-player game.

The Project

For 20 weeks Robin Potze, Imme van der Made, Chiril Ojoga and I worked on the game called Catiators. Within this team I carried two roles, which are the role of scrum master and as one of the two programmers.

As scrum master I was responsible for the structure of the team. I had to make sure that everyone knew what they had to do, and that they finished their tasks before the agreed upon deadlines.

As programmer I have been responsible for creating the programming behind the controllers, as the game can be controlled with controllers, the keyboard and an application on your phone. Our team created our own application that can be used to control a character within the game. Besides the controllers I was also responsible in how the menu is controlled, and the level manager that controlled the level mechanics. Some examples of the codes that I created can be found below.



Code: Basic Movement

Code: Level Manager

Code: DamageUI

The Core of who I am

I believe that people feel more satisfied and happier when they are making other people happy. I am looking for a position in life in which I can find new ways to bring help other people, preferably to give other people something to smile about. Therefore, I aim to be a problem-solver. To solve the puzzle of making a person happy about something.

To me, programming is solving a people that leads to a solution that makes life easier. I truly believe that standard programming could make people happy, but I also love to tell stories. Game Development gives me the option to use both my storytelling and programming skills to create something that other people could smile about.

Seek & Value Harmony

“Let us not argue about this”

I will always look and safeguard the harmony within a team. I believe that a compromise is always better for the atmosphere and efficiency within a team. I would approach the downtrodden team member in a private conversation to talk about their grieve rather than complaining behind their back.

Dedicated and Hardworking

“I will not stop until I have made it”

An unsolved problem is the bane of my existence. I won’t be able to let the problem go until I found the solution. This solution could also be someone who could help me out or changing the problem to fit to a solution that I had found.


“We can do this”

I try to always have a positive attitude, for I believe that one positive person can make another positive person. This positive atmosphere turns the environment in a more efficient environment, as people can work harder when they feel positive.

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